Kangra Tea


Akshey K. Gupta





CSIR's national laboratory at Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA is dedicated to R&D of tea in hilly areas. It has standardized the technique for manufacture of orthodox black and green teas popular as Kangra tea - a perfect source of refreshment, nourishment and protection. May it be the connoisseurs choice of orthodox tea or green tea, Kangra teas acquiesce this.

Kangra tea with perfect blend of liquor and flavour is just not the cup that cheers but also offers bountiful of health nourishing natural products. Kangra tea leaves have up to 13 % catechins that are saved with high efficiency whole leaf - orthodox manufacture refined by this laboratory. These polyphenols are proven antioxidant, hypolipidimic, hypotensive, anticarcinogenic, diuretic, antidentalcariatic, antimicrobial and what not. It also has 3 % caffeine and amino acids like theanine, glutamine, and tryptophan - the important vitalizers. It would keep you young in body and mind.

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