Do You Say Chai or Tea ?


Sue Schmidt





I think it important to address the distinctive sounds uttered by those in the rapture of Chai drinking. It is an odd mix of air intake, followed by a slow exhaling accompanied with an "m" sound gliding over the larynx. I find it rewarding to introduce my friends to Chai. The sound of a virgin sip followed by that particular diaphragmatic groan of euphoria is reminiscent of the sounds uttered by someone during their first ... well, you get it.

I am being flip, but here in Nebraska (the Lincoln area) Chai is an unexplored and almost totally unknown pleasure. There is a coffee/tea shop in town that sells loose chai. I infuse it like any other loose blend and then add the primordial sugar and milk.

It has been fun introducing friends to chai. I hope all of you are doing the same. As always, sharing a few moments over a hot drink, fine porcelain and a chocolate ANYTHING is what we all need a little more of.

I am working on a book on gentility to give tired old Martha S. a run for her money. I'd appreciate interested reviewers.

All e-mail is read, appreciated and responded to if welcome.

BREW WELL and FOR BEST TASTE, be it in life or infusion.