Key Essentials Chai Tea


Robert J. Danko





Hello Chai drinkers.

I would like to introduce our company, Key Essentials.

Key Essentials is a flavor company specializing in coffee and tea beverages. We have recently developed a powder Chai tea which has had fantastic response. In taste tests conducted by a national specialty coffee retailer, our Chai was chosen as the best tasting product overall. In addition to the superior taste, the powder version has many obvious advantages over liquid concentrates. Key Chai Tea is made with all natural ingredients, using the finest spices and imported powdered tea. We have packaged the product for wholesale distribution (100 lb drums), and for retail (1 and 2 pound cans or 5 pound buckets).

You will soon find Key Chai Tea in specialty shops and retail outlets nation wide. If you would like more information Key Essentials is located at 4580 E. Eisenhower Cir. Anaheim, California 92807 (714) 777-3120 or E-mail at Keyess@aol.com

We are very excited about this product. Distributors are encouraged to inquire about distributing Key Chai Tea.