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Hello Chai drinkers.

I see my Chai co. has been mentioned on this page...So here's some updated information about my business. I have been brewing Chai in Santa Cruz California since April of 1991. I first tasted Chai while in India in 1990. I started brewing for one coffee house and as the word spread so did the number of places that serve my Chais. In Santa Cruz, you can even get chai at theater snack bars. In 1993 I started selling my spice blend to the local natural food stores, First only wholesale in Bulk...Now I ship my spice blend all over the country. People have tasted it in their travels to Santa Cruz and call or write for it. I've heard that the folks who started Oregon Chai co. first tasted Chai here while attending the University of Ca. Santa Cruz. Perhaps it was even my Chai?? But there are several brewers in this area.

I get my spices in bales from a importer in New York, sometime the cinnamon sticks are about three feet long. I then chop everything in my grinders so the spices are as fresh and fragrant as can be gotten in this country. I then mix 'em up and package them right after they are ground. The longer they sit around to dry out the more flavor gets lost. I package smaller heat sealed air tight packets that weigh 3.2 oz. and will make one to one and a half gallons depending on how strong it is wanted. I also pack the mix in one pound bags. These blends come with or without the caffeine. I recently moved to a larger location 4 miles outside of Santa Cruz, so I have a new phone number and address. You can contact me for more information on a price list at:

UP N' ATOM brands
5243 HWY.9
Felton, CA.95018
phone- (408)335-1767
or email-Omirag@cruzio.com

Enjoy you Chai!! Garimo