Claudia Murray on Dot's Diner, Boulder


Claudia Murray





The following responses was posted by LiveChai founder Claudia Murray in response to an earlier posting. It is included here for general interest.

"Dot's Diner is a wonderful funky little breakfast place located in a former Sinclair garage in Boulder, Colorado. They have have a sign saying 'Try Chai!' So I did. Yum! It's become quite popular in Boulder, and also in the Northwest, Seattle, Oregon, etc. Now I live in New Orleans, and nobody here has heard of it, so I brew my own." - Mark Brian O'Bannon

Dear Mark,

Dot's diner is one of boulder's favorite hubs...especially on a sunday morning as lovers dreamily stumble out of bed...they make their weekend pilgrimage to dot's for it's reknowned biscuits, huevos rancheros, black coffee, and cups of chai. Dot's was actually the early home of LiveChai. We began the company there in January of 1990, after a month of making it at home and "test marketing" on dot's customers and staff. In January 1990, we began producing it on the dot's diner stove top after hours. Before long, we were brewing and hand-packing into the wee hours of morning....awesome moon settings over the foothills in the west and pastel sunrises in the east would mark the end of production time, the beginning of delivery time...to the cafes and natural food stores in town. we have grown a bit since then and are busting out of our seams. But we still brew our chai as you would at home and we are committed to that. It's just that the pots are bigger and we don't have to ladle it into our containers by hand anymore.

And now, LiveChai is available in many states, and in every state by direct order through our warehouse in Mead, Colorado. We have just introduced a decaffeinated concentrate. we also offer a regular concentrate and a ready-to-serve version made with organic milk. We'd love to send you some. You can either place an order by e-mailing or calling us.

Enjoy! Claudia Murray, founder, LiveChai, Inc.