Iced Coffeehouse Chai


Judith Favia





Chai tea was listed on a coffee shop blackboard menu , and, having read about it, I decided to try it. It was absolutely delicious! It was served iced, and was made with black tea, honey, spices and milk. I don't know what the spices were. Is this the normal way of serving Chai, or is this the trendy American way? I had thought it would be hot, not iced. Anyway, it was outstanding and I'd like to know more about this type of tea and try to make it for myself. Does anyone have any recipes or suggestions on this? I think this is going to be a new trend here, like capuccino and Cajun blackened-whatever. I only hope American culture won't bastardize it too much.

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At my coffeehouse, we make Chai Tea fresh for each customer, using Republic of Tea Chai (brewed fresh or brewed and then iced). It is made exactly like Iced Thai or Vietnamese coffee: 2 oz of sweetened condensed milk with 8 oz of tea. You have to stir harder for iced, but both are delicious.

Thank you for including our Cahoots Coffee Bar recipe for iced chai. I have been reading the chai recipes and feel ready to try some of those at home. We use Republic of Tea Chai because it has the spices mixed into the tea leaves, and the sweetened condensed milk combines the milk and sugar. Our recipe makes it easy for our staff to make good quality chai every time, without haveing to measure spices and boil the sugar and milk. However, as winter here in the North County (Minnesota) approaches, I think some hot chai would be terrific. I'll experiment and post my findings for those of you who want to serve it in coffee houses or at work where you don't have a stove.


Thanks for the wonderful Chai page, and the introduction to Greywolf. I have made it my homepage!!