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Joanna Daneman






Interesting page! I've been drinking chai for years, ever since I tried it at a cafe in St. Louis run by some Sihks. I presume the spices such as pepper and ginger add to the cooling effect of hot tea in a hot climate--provokes sweating.

If you want to check out our page, call up www.pbpub.com. This is a cyber-'zine devoted to tourism, but we have an ad for an interesting milk consortium in Vermont. They produce high quality, BST-free milk. I tried it out. It's very fresh tasting, If you find it in your health food store, check it out.

By the way, skim milk works best in steamers if you want foam. If you don't want cappuccino foam, 2 percent or whole milk is better. so I presume people making chai latte don't want the foam. Seeya on the net!