A novice meets Chai


Art Canales





Well, I'm surprised to see such a huge following of chai-ites in our country. It is funny that I ran into this chai area because yesterday was the first time I had a run in with this fantastic product.

Iwas conducting business at a new friends home when he asked me if Iwould be interested in trying an indian beverage (tea like product). I agreed to sampling the concoction and found it to be delightful and rewarding. All those tantalizing spices attacking every taste bud in my mouth. It really beats the pants off of coffee.

He informed me that he got his supplies while in England. He is Indian by heritage, born in malaysia to traditional Indian parents. Imight say that he found the perfect way to make me feel at home at his house and to ease the tensions of the business being conducted.

Cheers to all the chai drinkers.