Chai with jetlag


Bruce Corrigan





I was recently on Vacation in India (to see the Total Solar Eclipse at Fahtepur Sikri). I was friends with an Indian Family in the US whilegrowing up, so I had 'Masala Chai' all the time.However, life, being what it is we are now separated by 2000 miles.

I forgot all about the Chai until---I was on the patio at our hotel in Jaipur at 3:00 am in the morning suffering from jetlag (along with several others from our group).The waiter came over and asked us if we would like Tea or Coffee and I remembered the 'Masala Chai' and so introduced it to our group.

Masala Chai was an instant hit and I will always remember sipping Chai and looking at the stars from that veranda that used to be a Maharaja's Palace.

Shanti, Bruce