Webmasters special moment


Gary Routh





As I am working away here in the basement converting all the chai comments and experiences into html, I have come to the realization that this is truly a very 'special moment'. We are so lucky to have all of this wonderful chai info to share with thousands of readers throughout the world. What fantastic and revolutionary tools the web and internet are!

I have just brewed myself a big rich mug of chai and am pausing to be philosophical about all of this. I am reading about other's special chai experiences in India and realizing that this little web site is a vehicle for bringing those special moments to all of you - wow, what a concept!

I am delighted that we have a large number of contributions in these pages from people of Indian descent. They bring special 'added flavor' to the richness of our content.

I have read and reformatted about 50 notes from people all over the world in the past few hours. My neck muscles are killing me, my brain is about shot, my eyes are burning and then I realize as I sip my chai - what a lucky, lucky person I am to be in the middle of all this!!!

I hope you spend some time here and can feel some of the beauty I found today.