Chandra Chai Moon Tea


Kimberley Hasselbrink




This recipe is the culmination of much experimentation in my kitchen. I have omitted black tea, as I am not fond of caffeine. The resulting tea follows in the tradition sprung up on the west coast, particularly the SF bay area, where a fondness for strong spices and lots o' ginger seems to be most favored, savored and brewed.

**Chandra Chai**

12 (+) silver dollar-sized pieces fresh ginger (to your taste) 4-5 sticks cinnamon, broken into little pieces 1 Tblspn (T.) plus 1 tspn (t.) plus 1/2 t. green cardamom pods 2 t. plus 1/4 t. black peppercorns

1 t. whole cloves
1/2 t. fennel seeds
1/2 t. licorice root
1/2 t. allspice berries
1 vanilla bean (optional)
5 cups water
3 T. honey
soy milk or cow milk

Combine all ingredients, excepting the honey and milk, with cold water in a pot. Cover snugly! Simmer over a medium-low flame for 50 minutes. Remove from heat, but let sit, covered, for another 40-50 minutes. Filter the dreamy concoction into a suitable container. Stir in the honey and add enough milk to taste.

It is always more pleasant to savor this delectable brew in some luscious, ambient place. Light a bit o' nag champa, let its smoky tendrils curl about, and wander into waking dreamland....


kimberley anne hasselbrink