Chai Concentrate + mocha & herbal chai


Allen Mayer





 Chai Concentrate Recipe From Ottawa, Canada


In my tea room business I now make and serve my own chais. Here's how I do it:


For a mocha chai, use chocolate milk instead of white.

For herbal chai, replace the Darjeeling with 1 tsp. each of chamomile, fennel seed and peppermint.

Chai Concentrate Recipe:

Crush together:

2 tsp. black pepper,
2 tsp. fresh ginger root
6 pods of cardomon
10 inches of cinammon stick
3 tsp. cloves


Add to 8 cups of water. Bring to a boil and cook on medium for 10 minutes. I do mine in the microwave.

Add 8 tsp. of tea. I use Darjeeling OP. Steep for 8 minutes or so. Stain out the spices and tea. Add 1 tsp. of vanilla and 3 tsp. of honey.

This can be refrigerated for weeks. Heat up as needed and add an equal amount of steamed milk. Top with cinnamon.