Chai class in Germany


Michael Rettelbach




I joined some lessons in cooking indian food in Germany.

We produced the chai in the following way:

- Bring water to boil. add tea lives (any low quality black tea as BOP) and reduce heat (don't switch off).

- Add the spices: some cloves, cardamom (squeeze the whole nut a little before adding), cinnamon (stick, not necessary).

- Cook slowly for one or two minutes. add some milk (not too much, about 100ml/1l tea) and cook a little more.

-Then pass all through a sieve.

-Sugar on your own taste.

I didn't see any chai with ginger yet, but i think you can also add stripes of ginger with the spices. I sometimes add some peppercorns, too. You can add the spices (not the tea leaves) to the cold water, too.