Best way to get distinct Indian flavor


Pradnya Joshi





I've noticed many postings recently on how to make authentic Indian chai, but I don't think anyone's really explained the secret of Indian-style tea, so here it is:

The best way to get the distinct flavor of Indian tea is:

- take the tea bag or loose tea (preferably Darjeeling or Assamese) and put it in the water while it's cold (yes, cold).

- then boil the water with the tea bag in it.

- once it's boilng add 1-2 spoons of sugar and about 1/4 cup of milk (add quantity to taste)

- if you like the taste add Indian Masala when water starts boiling

- cook just for about 30 seconds.

- then strain and serve.

You'll find that the taste of any tea bag is better when it boils instead of adding boiled water into a tea cup with a tea bag because the tea really "infuses" when you boil the bag with the water.

Even though I've grown up in America, I've been in-bred with a love for Indian chai!

Pradnya Joshi