Simple Indian Milk Tea


Padma Talasila





It's very simple.

For one cup tea :

tea bags : 2
water: 2/3 cups
milk: 1/2 cup
masala: 1 cardomom or small piece of crushed ginger
sugar: 1 teaspoon

Put tea bags in water and let it boil vigorously for 5 minutes.
Pour in milk and add sugar. Let it boil until the milk rises.
Add crushed cardomom pods or ginger.
Serve hot.

If you use ginger, take it out of tea before drinking. You can also use teapowder in which case, you need to filter tea as you would do for coffee.

For better taste, tea should be boiled for long time. The more you boil, the more creamy it will be.

I find that tea powder is better than tea bags. The amount of sugar can be varied with your taste.