We offer the following Webmasters FAQ to answer questions you might have about us and our Chai! website.

Do we drink chai?

Yes, we both love chai! But, Gary drinks fresh ground coffee and Jan drinks Earl Grey tea as our daily fare. We prefer to make our own chai from fresh ingredients, so it is always a special 'moment' when we do have a cup.

Are we chai experts?

NO! But the web site has given us wonderful insight into this great drink. We know so much more about chai than we did just a few years ago!

Why do we like chai?

It tastes wonderful, smells good, and is calming. Gary first drank tea with milk in England and loved it. Drinking chai is always relaxing and soothing for us - we have had many 'special moments' drinking chai.

Any favorite brand of chai?

Since we live close to Boulder, Colorado we have enjoyed a nice choice of chai products for years. We have tried many but are careful not to endorse any. We do enjoy the foods of India and always order chai when we eat at Indian resturants. Gary sometimes orders a chai latte instead of coffee at Starbucks.

How about a chai chat room?

Gary likes the idea but simply does not have time - he already spends way too many hours in front of a computer and we both wade through tons of email. We have talked about having someone else run a chai chat room which we could link to.

Why do we use Greywolf?

Gary registered the greywolf.com domain name years ago. However, he recently sold it so our chai website now has a generic URL. We continue to use the name since we like it and it helps identify our Chai! site.

Why did we start this site?

We couldn't find any useful information about chai in 1995. We thought an online resource would be a good way to collect info and share it with the widest audience.

Why no HTML frames?

Gary hates frames! Simplicity and clarity have always been key to Gary's web designs. This site is designed for use by readers throughout the world who - including those with limited speeds and equipment.

Considered advertising?

Commercials run against our spirit. Ads on this site would introduce a new level of hassle that we are not equipped for. This is a hobby for us, not a business and we want to enjoy the time we spend here.

Who did the graphic design?

Gary always does all his own artwork. The flower motif and color scheme were derived from a painting of an Indian carpet.

Considering a book?

We often think that all this wonderful info would make a great little booklet. One publisher has approached us and Jan likes the idea. Gary likes the concept of online community - sharing freely for the benefit of all.

Do we have other web sites?

Oh yes! Gary is webmaster for six other web sites and will be building another large site this summer. However, he is trying to reduce his online activities - it about burnt him out two years ago.

Where do we live and work?

We live in beautiful Colorado - Littleton to be exact (just south of Denver). We have both been professional computer analysts for years. Gary worked at Colorado SuperNet for 3 yrs where he spent all his waking time on the Internet. He and Jan now both work at Lockheed Martin.

Do we have children?

Yes, two boys in their 20's. Our 'future' daughter in law introduced us to chai while they were students at CU in Boulder. Our younger son plays college football at Adams State College.

Other interests?

Jan makes quilts, reads lots, and enjoys cooking (a TV cooking show junkie!). We both like independent and foreign movies and enjoy most forms of the arts. Gary was a humanities major in college.